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Organizing Thinking

In this 60 min masterclass, Rachel French will reveal the importance of seeing patterns and making connections in building conceptual understanding.

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Saturday, March 26 - 6:00 am utc

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The Mistake so Many Educators are Making

Discover the biggest mistake that teachers are making and how it is sabotaging their attempt to utilize a Concept-Based approach in the classroom.

The Power of Case Studies

Learn to unlock the power of case studies to intentionally expose patterns that help students build conceptual understandings.

Practical Strategies

You will leave with practical strategies that you can easily adapt and implement in your classroom the very next week.

Rachel French

Presenter, Author, Coach

ABOUT Rachel French

Through workshops and coaching, Rachel supports schools around the world with the planning and implementation of Concept-Based Inquiry. She also provides feedback to teams of teachers on curriculum development.

Rachel is an international teacher, who has worked in schools in South America, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. She is a certified Independent Consultant, Presenter, and Trainer with Lynn Erickson and Lois Lanning. Rachel has presented numerous workshops in Europe and Asia, including workshops with Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning.

Rachel is also the Director of Professional Learning International (PLI), a company she founded to support international schools and educators in accessing leading professional development opportunities. Through PLI, Rachel French is now the sole provider of the annual Dr. H. Lynn Erickson and Dr. Lois A. Lanning Certification Institute for Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainers and Presenters.