The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative

The only membership of its kind dedicated to transforming classrooms and schools through a Concept-Based Inquiry Approach 

Guiding educators to design and implement curriculum and learning engagements with INTENT!

Providing a framework to CONSISTENTLY achieve those magic teaching moments. 

Empowering students consistently experience 'AHA MOMENTS' that make learning meaningful!

You became a teacher to make a difference, right?

The CBI Collaborative is your opportunity to do just that!

  • You know they were taught this last year, but they act like they’ve never heard it before.
  • Your students don’t care about your feedback, they’re just focused on the grade.
  • You’re tired of hearing: “Why do we have to learn this?”
  • ​The hours of required planning just feel like a waste of time -- it doesn’t actually change your teaching practice.
  • Y​ou don’t have any collaborative thought partners available to you.
  • ​You know how to design a Concept-Based Unit but you are not sure how to design the learning engagements to ignite student thinking.

The CBI Collaborative 

is the right fit if you are:

  • a school leader who wants to deepen your understanding of a Concept-Based Inquiry approach to support curriculum development within your school
  •  a teacher who is looking for support and practical strategies to transform teaching and empower your students as thinkers. 
  • ​someone who believes in students ability to see patterns, make connections and construct meaning for themselves. 
  • ​a life-long learner who is ready to challenge and grow your thinking and contribute to rich discussions (or debates) about how we can transform education 

CBIC is a right fit if you are:

  • Need Test
  • Need Text
  • Need Text
  • ​Need Text

~Joshua Durey, Upper-Primary Teacher working in South Korea

~Marisa Odria, Teacher of 35 years

When you become a member, you will:


  • This is your fast track to gain absolute clarity around the conceptual understandings that drive your units. 

  • Discover the importance of knowledge and skills as a foundation to building conceptual understanding.


  • ​Unlock the power of guiding questions in scaffolding students' thinking and providing the key to synergistic thinking. 

  • ​Explore the difference between an inductive and a deductive approach so your students have ownership of their learning.    


  • ​Design learning engagements that are both rigorous and accessible for all learners in your classroom so that your students feel ownership of their learning and take responsibility for their thinking. 

  • ​Expand your teaching toolbox with strategies that you can apply intentionally, without robbing your students of the opportunity to do the thinking.

  • ​Ignite student agency and intentionally design units that honor students as capable of building their own understanding.                      


  • Benefit from ongoing access to feedback, guidance, strategies and models from our team of experts.

  • ​Receive personalized feedback on your units, teach them in your classroom, assess your students’ response… and repeat this cycle as your command of CBI increases and evolves.

  • ​Collaboration with a global community of educators. 

  • ​Refine your practice, test ideas, ask questions and receive feedback so you can create sustained change in your practice.            

~Kevin Richins, Social Studies Department Head, Trailhead to Vista Educational Consulting

Which is why you got into teaching in the first place, right?

When you understand and implement a Concept-Based Inquiry approach, you have the power to unlock your students’ potential.

Like any other pedagogical shift, this takes TIME and FOCUS.

Yet, unfortunately this just isn’t how most schools approach professional learning. 

All too often, schools provide workshop after workshop on a range of topics without giving you the time to implement your learning. 

As a result, the understanding, knowledge and skills that are presented never really become part of your repertoire.

But… that is not your fault!

A disparate collection of topics doesn’t give you a focused path for improving your practice over time.

Does this sound familiar?

 It can sometimes be a matter of the best intentions leading to “innovation overload.”

So what will it take to consistently implement a Concept-Based Inquiry approach? 


Here is the thing…

Back in 2012, my mentors Dr. Erickson and Dr. Lanning introduced me to the power of using an inductive approach in the classroom and having 5-9 conceptual understandings.

But... It took me FIVE more years to figure out how to consistently produce those Aha! moments in the classroom….

Carla Marschall and I worked collaboratively to design a model for ourselves and for others to unpack the complexity and provide a clear framework -- so that you can consistently scaffold students' thinking to build conceptual understanding. 

We had to teach ourselves how to design lessons that promote engagement, build ownership and produce the insight that comes from UNDERSTANDING!

We now design learning engagements with clear intent -- and you can too. 

But, it doesn’t have to take you five years to transform your classroom practice.  

With clear models, examples and specific strategies designed to help you succeed -- you don’t need to go it alone. 

It is time to fast track your success!

The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative is specifically designed to provide you with the support and guidance you need for intentional design, strategic insight and collaborative implementation. 

You will have an opportunity to really FOCUS on the unit design and implementation approach, collapsing the TIME it takes to understand, and set your students up for success.

Up until now, one of the only ways to receive this kind of extended professional learning was through a Masters degree… but not anymore!

The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative is your opportunity for ongoing professional learning, practical support, individual feedback that is specific to your context, and access to a community of thought partners who will challenge your thinking, offer support and celebrate your wins with you.  

This is your chance to unlock the power of a Concept-Based Inquiry approach in your school or classroom.

Introducing…The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative

 Enrollment is Open NOW for a Limited Time Only. 

The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative is not just an introduction, it is designed to transform professional learning, empowering you to deepen your understanding and implement this 

powerful approach. 

I don’t want it to take you the 7 years it took me to figure this out.

The class of students that you are teaching this year can't afford for it to take that long!


I know that was a lot of information and you must have questions. Let’s get to it!

  • Our CBI coaches answering your questions and providing feedback during our monthly Q&A sessions and coaching you in your quarterly 1-1 sessions. 
  • Your fellow colleagues inside the Collaborative, providing you with the opportunity to be a part of something bigger -- join this global collaboration.
  • ​Our administrative team making sure everything runs smoothly.

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The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative Open!

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Be First to Know 

When The Doors to:

The Concept-Based Inquiry Collaborative Open!

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